For Authors

  1. We welcome contributed pieces from our readers on topics at the intersection of science and society. These can be of two types:
    1. Brief thoughts: ~1000 words, focussed on any topic.
    2. Articles: Longer pieces (up to ~3000 words) that examines various facets of a topic.
  2. Contributions must be accessible to non-specialists. Use jargon only if absolutely necessary. Define technical terms if you must use them.
  3. Distinguish between data and opinion. Cite sources for the former.
  4. Images in your contribution: Please ensure that either you have the copyright, or the written permission of the copyright holder, or that the image is in the public domain. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure this.
  5. Contributions must carry the real name of the author and aliases are not allowed.
  6. Contributions will be assessed for relevance, quality, clarity of communication and adherence to the Community Guidelines. Editorial decisions on the acceptability, or otherwise, of contributions/comments are final
  7. The copyright to all original contributions to CONFLUENCE remain with the authors. Contributions are licensed under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC 4.0