Community Guidelines

In general the following kinds of comments and contributions shall not be approved:

  1. Abusive, intimidating, threatening or inflammatory
  2. Making offensive generalisations
  3. Rambling, without a point
  4. Peddling pseudoscience
  5. Lowering the level of debate with irrelevant whataboutery
  6. Using offensive or insensitive language
  7. Typed in all-caps
  8. Typed in a language other than English. Brief quotes in other languages permitted, with English translation
  9. Irrelevant to the article in question or the scope of CONFLUENCE
  10. Containing self-promotional material
  11. Resorting to ad hominem attacks or running down a piece / making a point with adjectives rather than arguments

Note: We loved how these were worded by The Wire and have adopted them with some modifications.