Article series: Under-represented groups in academia: issues and way forward


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Confluence Series on under-represented groups in academia.

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Confluence has invited a number of articles that discuss the various issues pertaining to under-represented groups in academia. The articles deal with varied themes ranging over working in the north east region of India, issues faced in academia by people with disabilities, gender questions, questions on caste and much more. While some of these have been addressed on various fora, silence largely prevails in other areas. The articles discuss aspects of what were the issues, steps taken to alleviate them and give suggestions on what is to be done. We will try to include as many voices as possible to produce a harmonious and complementary spectrum of views.

Here are the articles in the series:

  1. So near, yet so far by V Madhurima
  2. Invisibility of disability in academia by Zarana Maheshwari
  3. The many kinds of underprivileging: women’s lives matter, from root to STEM by Vineeta Bal
  4. Sexual harassment at higher education institutes: what needs to be done? by Preeti Karmarkar
  5. Gender diversity in science education and research: student aspirations by Megha

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