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Links to the various articles on DNEP on Confluence.

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The 484-page long Draft National Education Policy (DNEP)  of 2019 has led to a tremendous amount of discussion across India. In a series of original (and a few cross-posted) articles, Confluence brings together the views of scientists, activists, economists, institutional leaders and a number of other stake-holders in the society, who examine the various facets of the DNEP from different points of view. We hope that this multiplicity of perspectives will help the readers of Confluence to get a better feel for the implications of this momentous (and monumental!) document at a crucial point in the history of Indian education.


The articles in this series are:

Confluence originals:
1. The draft NEP and the Question of Finances by Sukanya Bose and Arvind Sardana

2. Technology in the DNEP and science education by R Ramanujam

3. Primary education in the DNEP: What is in store for our children? by Aruna Rathnam

4. Teacher preparation and professional development in draft NEP (India) 2019 by Sushama Yermal

5. Some Comments on DNEP-19 by Amitava Datta

6. Faith, fallacies drive massive overhaul, while social equity and state autonomy take a back seat by Shiva Chidambaram, Anuja Krishnan and Swanil Choksi

7. Science Education in India – Why We Worry by Malavika Dadlani

8. School education in DNEP: erasing the concept of social justice by Prince Gajendra Babu

9. Feedback and Suggestions on the Draft National Education Policy 2019 by Bengaluru Collective


1. Draft Education Policy leaves a lot to be desired by Arvind. Punjabi translation.
2. 4 Things Need To Urgently Fix In India’s Education System by Anurag Mehra


Links to important documents:

  1. Observations on the DNEP by the three Science Academies of India

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