Why do we see science the way we do? Perceiving and reacting to science


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Confluence Series on Perceiving and Reacting to Science.

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People’s perception of science is shaped by many factors, such as conversations and deep impressions made on the mind by a varied input. In this series Confluence brings to you a critical perspective in the form of a set of articles that explore how science is projected in cinema,  how the very way it is taught in school can influence attitudes to science and also how movements, especially green movements have impacted how science is perceived by people. The first in this series is an article by T V Venkateswaran on the impact of movements on attitudes towards science. This is followed by an article by R Ramanujam that looks at the shaping of science in our minds in school education. Then we have an article by Rajan Kurai Krishnan that examines how Tamil sci-fi movies have portrayed scientists and their tribulations.

The articles can be found here:

  1. Green movements and public perception of science by T V Venkateswaran
  2. Perceptions of science built in the science classroom by R Ramanujam
  3. Science and Scientists: Portrayals in Tamil Cinema by Rajan Kurai Krishnan

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